Terms of Service

I transport a few pets at one time. They are kept separated at all times. I stop for short breaks about every 3-4 hours. My price includes door-2 door pickup and delivery, direct ground transportation, live GPS tracking, signature capture at pickup/delivery.

I am now offering a live video streaming service to my trips. Watch your loved one in real-time while in the crate during their trip. This will also be paired with the normal photos and videos when we stop!! *Camera is currently out of order and unable to get fixed due to microchip shortage*

I accept most forms of payment including, Venmo, Zelle, credit cards, cash, Walmart to Walmart money transfer.

I do offer 3rd party Fiancing via Paypal Credit and Pay in 4. (best for challenged credit). Ask for details.

Please contact me before hiring so we can go over your shipment details and avoid any confusion. I hope you’ll allow me to work with you! I can guarantee an excellent job! I know your pets are loved ones and transporting them with virtually any stranger is terrifying. So when I say I will treat yours like my own, I truly mean it. Updates are given regularly! I will also accommodate special needs like medication or feeding times, etc. Please let me know what your budget is and get back to me as soon as possible because I get booked up really fast!

I charge 50% down at the time of booking and before pick up and rest before the handoff. I can also do 100% upfront if that works for you. There will be a signature required at the time of delivery. 100% is due for flight nanny.

In the event, the transportation is not paid in full before hand-off. I retain ownership of the animal till paid and will charge holding/boarding fees 1 hour after my arrival from the drop-off point. Payment is due when services are rendered and completed. I apologize if this seems harsh but there have been other people that have tried to abuse my services.

If I arrive, and you do not have the proper paperwork to travel across the state line or the pet is under 8 weeks old. I will cancel the trip and you will forfeit your deposit or 50% if paid in full unless other arrangements are made prior. In the event I need to take the dog to Vet there will be a fee ($20 hour) for my time and effort to do this on top of the Vet bill (I seen go from $100-$200)


Safety Features:

I believe in backup systems for safety and security.

-Google Maps GPS

-Garmin GPS

-Internal vehicle GPS that measures live vehicle diagnostics, maintenance, fuel.

-back up cell service

-vehicle anti-theft devices

-tinted windows to keep the heat down and protect animals eyes.

-hands-free calling.

- live video streaming in crate.

-first aid kit

-disinfectant and sanitizer that will kill all viruses including Parvo.

-research of vet clinics, pet-friendly hotels, and pet stores along the route.



I need a USDA certificate of Health (certificate of veterinarian inspection) from your Vet to transport and the animal must be 8 weeks old. If you look in my photos it the pink and or white sheet for example. This paperwork is required by the USDA and my liability insurance. Self vaccination with all-in-one shots done from an animal supply store is not proof, your pet needs proof of being seen by a vet and needs the proper forms to go across state line. If I show up and you do not have the proper paperwork you're accepting the risk that I am not liable for anything that happens as my insurance will not cover you. Your city or state may have its own laws and regulations that it ok to do it the way you do but when using a 3rd party shipper regulated by the federal government and using a 1 to 2 million dollar insurance policy our standards are over and above the state level. I am not trying to be harsh, just trying to help you understand what it means to be a transporter. Because of my experience with past transports I have to be this Stern. With that responsibility I need to follow a long list of steps on how I conduct business and if I don't do it the right way I could have harsh fines and imprisonment. The forms have the penalties on them for example. Thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding.


For shipments canceled within 72 hours of pickup, there is a small cancellation fee owed - by this time the I might be on the road, having already invested time and resources. The fees are as follows:

Canceled 48-72 hours before pickup: $50 cancellation fee owed

Canceled 24-48 hours before pickup: $100 cancellation fee owed

Canceled 0-24 hours before pickup: $100 -OR- 50% of the originally agreed fee owed, whichever is the greater of the two.

**If you book me you agree to these terms of service**