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Adam and Vinny in front of car

Hello, I'm Adam from Pensacola, Fl. My dog Vinny travels with me 99% of the time. He is the dog head in the logo. Chihuahua mix, even though he looks like a Corgi. 

I am a former EMT and Firefighter with training in animal first aid. I have owned cats, dogs, fish (salt and fresh), and exotics. I was licensed with USDA class B breeder and Florida FWC. I am now licensed with the USDA with a class T rating. I have been a professional driver with rideshare, EMS, and non-emergency medical transport. Trained in EVOC, defensive driving, and SMITH. I am operating in a 2019 Ford Transit

. I have been featured in newspapers, local, and national news for my animal efforts, I have transported and sold over 600 animals in a short period of time I ran the business under Hedgehogs By Adam. I create educational videos online to help you prepare for transport and find a legit company. Recently, I have been featured in Voyage Tampa Magazine and interviewed on Citizenshipper driver resource center to help new drivers. I have partnerships with Driver (dash cam), Gas Buddy, First Vet, and Waggle (temperature and humidity monitoring)I have experience handling and caring for fish, coral, inverts, hedgehogs, degus, sugar gliders, chinchillas, short tail possum, snakes, amphibians, chameleons, spiders, lizards, rodents.

If you have a vehicle and pet you'd like to transport, please let me know! I can drive your vehicle with your pet, depending on availability.

When selecting a transporter, please select one that is legitimate and legal to do business like myself and that follows the Animal Welfare Act for the safety of your pet. Wire cages, loose, tethered, hammock, or harness into a seat and not in a USDA crate is not legal or safe.


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